I would like to thank here all the people
who have supported my work from near or far still
the beginning og this journey in NFTs, Cryptoart and WEB3.
Collectors, curators, collaborators, artist friends, or non-artists,
and art lovers of all stripes.

Buy/sell an artwork

As we know, this community is strong in its distribution of wealth,
and in stimulating the flow of information.
An already excellent offer is offered by a host of top-flight talents who contribute to

the high quality of all the styles executed.

And this is normal for an artist to want to arouse interest
by offering something rare and unique. His artwork as value.

Maybe the artwork of your dreams is not yet minted, or even created!
Patience, it will happen!
Acquiring one or more UTILITY TOKEN is a good way to support the artist
and maybe even grant them favors.
This allows you to reserve the benefits on present and future artworks
and productions.

The possession of anUTILITY TOKENwhether it is bought or offered,
allows its holder to benefit from cumulative discounts on all commercial offers
+ all the concepts signed ….. █҉▀҉ ҉█҉▄҉▐҉▄҉█҉ ҉⬤ ◤
without time limit and this, until my last breath. (around 2099)

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Moreover, by contributing to thisquest, you stimulate interest in my work
and you enter my gold list, which will give you priority access
to all my future work.

Own a FLUOR UTILITY TOKEN a simple way to access my work which may be
too expensive for the less fortunate among us.
To honour art we must cultivate mutual trust.
By this way i’m also open and willing to listen to any specific request.

Let’s be good humans and build a better world with our hearts and guts.
Let us love each other, no one will be forgotten. One for all and all for one !
Yes, my friends, In Trust We Art !

With all my kindness.🙏🏻
Your loyal servant.

314 collectors /premium access

I would be really happy to welcome you as such,
the precursors, diggers of treasure, relentless of the core,
passionate architects of a world where technologymust above all create apoetry.
This ultimate revolution, means of exchange of the economic dream:
The Abolition of Illusions, The Mondoverse, or Terraversae.

‘Club 314’:

In the idea of a special fate reserved for collectors certified VIP
by their unconditional support and to be always rewarded
for having known how to see and for having wanted to believe.

For an artist, choosing his collectors in person would be the dream.
We would be delighted to count you among our prestigious members of collectors.
Let’s keep in touch by using the google form.