MEMORYSCAPES / Creation process

Taken from the SKETCHBOOK / NOTEBOOK by █▀ █▄▐▄█ ⬤ ◤

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I start with a very simple thing like a needle…

As always, the original intention is never really defined.
A desire to create depth.

And also to be smooth ,simple, into my thinking as into my acts..

So let's start...
End of 2021 i created the first elements of the compositions.

They were initially isolated and a little helpless.
Not yet registered in the global cohesion which will result from this subtle mixture,
the time, to remember and to forget.
Transparent mirages.
Veils of illusions that must be lifted, atmospheric dreams,

these images come from the memories we have in common.
The exterior is the other, and it must be visited, because together,

we remember that it existed.
I write the words and the ideas that define the themes, the auras.
Balance the architecture of the senses,

and the mind recognizes this external body.
Poetry erases the machine and reprograms our vision of real meaning.


Like on Earth, but not really…

Soft distorted glitch-naive
Poetic abstract zen fx aberated.

Hasardous artifact layering / glitchtural-psybient

Semi traditional techniques. Sculptural accidental minimal.
Minimal zen raw series post-neo
Physicaly digitalized impressionism.

Here we are..

I select some parts of the reflection and other generated artefacts
obtained during differents transformations and degradations of the original texture.
It can be a model, lines, or a gradient.

minimal glitchy psy poetic fx aura scape ambient digital composition

Juxtapose + Superpose

Most of the time i adjust some details but i deliberately neglect some others.
While everything must be in its place, I leave room for the unexpected,
I try to have an intuitive approach and instinctual logic, like a child.
Decisions must be pure even if contradictory,

there is no physical law that resists me.

Reliefs like dunes or mountain are generated with a similar process,
like lights or other effects.
It give the particular size and distance to the perspective.
I can structurate some various decors easily by this way.
It is like cooking, or mixing music, it’s all about balancing.

abstract collage landscape sunset glitch curves shaded dreamscape horizon sensual sunny
« Crossing the desert of abstraction, a trip. »
Traditional codes, but some disturbed ones.

digitalart soft composition dreamscape memory blurry foggy cloudy relief handcrafted

It is a world where thought generates matter.
We are in something chemical, parallel to us.
And we are chemistry, which looks at itself by nature.

I like to leave the process visible.

Perspective + transformations

soft gen synthetic naive decor abastract handcrafted distorded splitch psy-bient

Transparency + electronic fog


dream collage psychedelic glitchart chroma fx cutup reminiscence

Filtering + illumination

For real, i wrote ai assisted sometimes, but it is just to upscale or to filter.
This is absolutely not generated pattern with ai.. Not this time. 😉


Ghosting AI + upscaler

These are all steps of the process from the manual generating and matrix creation to the transformation, layering and collage of the final artwork.

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