LireenFrançais ICI

Audio-visual artist, graphic designer, electronic music composer, vortex sculptor, and stone carver,
i’m currently spending my time remixing ideas just as i manipulate images.
I have always gravitated into the artistic communities, balancing between contemporary art, underground culture, and the electro scene. I have traveled extensively throughout Europe for techno parties and festivals.
I have been nourished by the many lives that I have already been able to live and today, my artistic approaches are only a reminiscence of all that I have been able to assimilate as culture/food.
My father is a painter, and I think he had a certain pictorial influence on me, as i sometimes get childlike sensations back when i examine my creations.
i have always expressed my projects through multiple identities (fractals)
When I immerse myself in my work, time stops and i can spend several weeks without leaving my bubble. I can then get closer to my primitive nature without interrupting this state of cognitive liberation.
For me, making art is not about the thing, it’s about making art that becomes the true purpose of why one makes art, and not the result.
The result is only used to make the reason for this process understandable.
This is what interests me, this splitting of action, in the way we look at ourselves.
To do my things, I use smart tools, but hopefully less intelligent than I am.
I act based on new knowledge or last-minute discoveries. Ideas have no value in themselves if we do nothing with them. The problem is that thinking is much faster than the laws of physics on Earth, so you have to steer ideas and try to organize the biggest heist of crazy ideas in real-time.
I generally work on several different things at the same time.
This can sometimes tend to be counter-productive, but I always find better ideas by mixing the processes.
When I immerse myself in my work, there is an intrinsic inter-operability that is, I think, the process itself. What I strive for is mastery of understanding things, not what they might actually be.

This inevitably escapes us, as it is what drives us to do them. A kind of instinct.

Free will, that’s where the human factor becomes important.
I often have to change pseudonyms to escape my own dogmas.
The idea of being able to start from scratch unlimitedly may be a way of understanding eternity. Loops, recursions are appreciated by our brain which constantly looks for patterns everywhere. Those patterns that allow it to forge a geometric, logical, and sequential representation of the world.
How to try to corrupt one’s own cognitive biases, since it is the machine itself that thinks.
I like the vertigo of the ‘mise en abyme’, its fractal side has something very biological, natural.
I am fascinated by the notions of scales, especially in astrophysics. I find the dizzying simultaneity of the world fascinating.
I am often confused when I see an artist accomplish his work in a planned, methodical and organized way, managing his production of works and his career as a business.
It’s too much rational for me.
I think there must be a moment when we have to trust our own choice of identity and break out of the format.
I am trying to determine what truly stimulates me, beyond this pursuit of aesthetic mastery that I sometimes end up losing myself in.
I often realize too late that the sought after goal will have been a series of self-fulfilling/destructive prophecies and I therefore try to turn this frustration into pleasure.

There is always a delicate balance between
what is represented
and what the observer wants to see.
That’s why i like to be halfway
between the abstract
and the obvious.

I like to see time transform things, often they deteriorate slowly and irreversibly. What I seek when I create is not that feeling of mastery over things, but rather to have that kind of opposite effect on them.

I try to absolve all symbolism from my compositions, in order to decondition my gaze, because I don’t like to refer to common sense.
For me, full awareness of things cannot go without pain.
So I need huge psychic resources to perform certain tasks, as they are closely linked to the overall action.
Hand drawing + digital transformation
I believe that this is a path that I am taking today, as I have understood and integrated it into my creative process : each smaller element contains all the information of the whole. This is what I believe makes everything seem coordinated around us,
I question the nature of the separation between the body and consciousness. Or if one of them is an illusion.
I love the feeling of something intangible, even inexplicable. What I’ve realized lately is that above all, I love to feel the fire of things, the one that burns underneath…
For me, a free artist must be able to escape dictations.
Yet it’s never easy to avoid falling into the aesthetic cliché.
To understand what we see, we need to understand ourselves, our view of the world depends on it.
But the first question is:
Are we talking about the same thing?
In my work, I try to reconnect the primitive gaze to things, at the foundation of what it is.
I try to unite the multiple fragmentations of this simultaneous globality, whether they are social and cultural, but also purely biological and physical.
I create to offer freedom, the freedom of dream time.
We must consume this time, poetic and inspiring.
It’s a way to have an impact on the world, to respond to it.
The trap for me is always to become a slave to what I do in terms of creativity.
I am tormented by the fact that I have to limit my ideas to what is technically feasible, whether in terms of physical resources or the degree of use of tools.
The ultimate goal of the initial impulse is never well defined.
The initial intention often reveals a deeper and more complex motivation that awakens my curiosity and prompts me to engage.
For me, the earth, life, the world, would be a kind of school of spirits in the process of becoming gods who, once mature, might have a few metaverses to build in their turn. It could be a great story, don’t you think ?
I think that showing things is not enough, they must be thought in order for them to exist.
The hierarchical prioritization of our choices necessarily determines the sacrifices of all other possibilities, and out of respect for the idea, I try to always leave it with space for expansion.
Doing things also pushes us to our limits, and they can be hard to accept.
In the end, we are just denatured animals in constant evolution.
In the end, what machine are we in the gears of?
And if function creates the organ, then what function are we the organ of ?