ver the last decade, CBD has increasingly found itself in the spotlight. For the most part, CBD has become popular because of its purported medical benefits and because it doesn’t produce a high. But while people know may what CBD … Category: News Tags: CBD, Hemp Posted on May 1, 2019 by AtoZ CBD

Why the EU is wrong about CBD

With CBD’s meteoric rise in popularity, regulatory bodies around the world are struggling to figure out how to regulate this seemingly new substance. In the United States, outgoing FDA Scott Gottlieb has admitted that there was no straightforward path to … Category: News Tag: CBD Posted on May 1, 2019 by AtoZ CBD

Why CBD just might be better than big pharma

It is no secret that Americans are overmedicated. According to one 2017 study, approximately 55% of Americans take prescription medications regularly. Of those that take prescription medication, 53% get their medicine from more than one healthcare provider, which can … Category: News Tag: CBD Posted on May 1, 2019 by AtoZ CBD

Why hemp might be the solution to our plastic problem

One of the most significant contributors to pollution is plastic. Not only is it filled with harmful additives and made through the use of fossil fuels, but it also takes hundreds of years for plastic to degrade. In fact, there … Category: News Tag: Hemp Posted on March 21, 2019 by AtoZ CBD

Why cops keep confusing hemp for marijuana (and how you can tell the difference)

A very special green.

Even though hemp cultivation is legal in the United States, that doesn’t mean that hemp companies are entirely free from legal risk. If you’ve been following hemp news recently, then you have probably seen stories about law enforcement officers seizing …

3 Reasons Why Farmers Should Grow Hemp

American farmers are in a bit of a bind. From sagging soybean prices to rising fuel prices, farmers in the United States are finding it increasingly more difficult to make a living. One solution to this agricultural crisis has been …

A Brief History of Hemp

J’ai pas le son mais j’ai l’image.

Over the last decade, hemp has become incredibly popular; thanks mainly to the fact that it makes an excellent source for extracting CBD. But just because hemp has become in vogue recently that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been in use …

4 science-based ways that CBD can improve your health

Much ado has been made about cannabidiol (CBD) and its purported health effects. To some, CBD is a miracle drug that can cure all of our everyday maladies. To others, CBD is the modern day equivalent of snake oil. So …

5 Fantastic Uses for Hemp

Hemp is an incredibly versatile substance that often does not get the recognition it deserves. In addition to being a great source for CBD, hemp can also be found in a whole host of household products. Here are five fantastic …

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