what did you expect?



A MANIFESTO is a written and public declaration
by which a government, a person, a political party or an artistic movement
sets out a program of action or a position, most often political or aesthetic.

“KRYPTOZOOIDz project is a pure cryptoartistic concept.
Its primary goal is to self-generate, like a big bang. A sort of decentralized Big Bang whose constant evolution can be observed on the pages of FREAKS.FM, the best media to transform jam into mayonnaise.
It is a mutualized and mutant project, a meta project, which is capable of transforming itself in real time and of integrating new creative data through implementations and external stimuli. (Although the inner stimulation is already at its peak)

From the eruptive birth of wild and deep ideas, from extra-lucid experiments to audiovisual improvisations, it is a whole system of organization and industrial production of digital art, which will be capable, in a perennial way, of forging hi quality tokens in mass under the blessing of the holy decentralized blockchain.”

It is open and participatory, it wants to be collective and emulative.”



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METAVERSE PICTURE (macro reality)

Crocodile Skylake (metareverse)